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The Best Ancestry DNA Coupons & Promotions

Welcome to our round-up of the best deals from currently available. is a service that provides both DNA testing and access to historical records and documents. This sets them apart from the other DNA testing companies which only offer the genetic makeup tests. If you’ve been curious about their service but put off by the price, you can use Ancestry Coupons & Promotional Links to get the best possible pricing. You can find out some really interesting things about yourself and your family history, well worth it in my opinion!

Link-Activated Promotion: Ancestry US for just $99

This is currently the best price available for the standard US Records membership. This price is for 6 months of membership, so it works out to about $16.50 a month. For a comparison if you pay monthly it’s $25 per month. Research can take some time, unless you have a lot of free time on your hands it will probably take more than a month to go through their massive database. This price does not require you to enter a coupon code, it will be available on the company’s offers page.

There is also a two week free trial period, so there is really no risk. If you decide it’s not for you, just cancel before the two weeks is up and you won’t be charged anything.

Coupon for Free Shipping on DNA test

If you’re going for the whole shebang and ordering the DNA testing kit as well as access to the historical records database the this coupon will get you free shipping on the DNA kit. It’s not usually super expensive, but it will save you around $10 depending on where you live so why not? The return package for your sample is pre-paid, so that is already free to ship back to the company. Once they have your sample it usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks for your results to become available on the website. In the meantime you can start your research on your family history using the historical records.

30% off any subscription with Ancestry Coupons

This is an incredible deal, but this promotion is available for a very short time only so act quickly. The promotoion is an coupon you can use to take 30% off the price of any membership subscription. A discount of 30% will save you anywhere from $30 to $60 dollars on the different tiers of 6 month memberships, and $7.50 to $15 on the month-to-month plans. Please note that the 30% price reduction only applies to your first billing cycle. So if you are on the monthly U.S. Discovery plan your first month will be $17.50 and then after that it will be billed at $25 per month.

$100 of Membership with Coupon Code

An extra special promotion as part of the holiday sale! usually only has coupons this good once a year. Redeem your promo code at checkout to get $100 off the regular price of their 6 month memberships. This puts the U.S. Discovery plan at $49 for 6 months, World Explorer for $99, and $129 for the All Access plan. Customers should note that because these prices are so discounted the two-week free trial period is not offered along with the promotion. This is a very limited time offer.

Find out where you come from, and do it for less

It’s fascinating to find out what your genetic makeup is, and I love combing through their database of historical records to find out about relatives from long ago. Although I initially balked at the price, I took the leap when I saw a great Ancestry coupon code. I’m so glad I did, and you will be too.